January 2013

If you’re planning a Superbowl party this weekend, we’d love to help! We have the most gorgeous deli & salad platters that will make a mouth-watering addition to your party buffet! Go to our menu page for photos, descriptions & pricing.  Another option: Come in and shop for your selection of freshly sliced deli meats, imported & domestic cheeses, and briny bulk olives.  This Saturday, Oscar will be here to sample cheeses, salami & other goodies, and will gladly make recommendations for your party.

Ratto’s Deli Platter, the perfect addition to your Superbowl buffet!

Tuna Tartar on Frico

Serves 4-8
Prep time 30 minutes
Cook time 10 minutes
Total time 40 minutes
Meal type Appetizer, Starter
Occasion Formal Party
This is "fancy" food that is easy and fast.


  • 1/2lb sushi grade tuna (chopped in a small dice)
  • 1 drizzle Ratto's Extra Virgin Olive Oil
  • 1 drizzle Mirin
  • 1 dash Piment d' Espelette
  • 1 dash salt & pepper
  • 1 cup freshly grated Parmiagiano Reggiano


Having a silicone baking mat will make your life much easier- the Frico peels right off. It's a great investment for many baking projects. Sushi grade tuna is readily available around the Bay Area. Piment d'Espelette is available at Ratto's.


Step 1
Preheat the oven to 375 degrees.
Step 2
Gently toss your tuna, pimente d'Espelette, EVOO, Mirin, S & P. Cover and refrigerate immediately.
Step 3
Make small piles of grated Parmiagiano-Reggiano on a silicone mat-lined baking sheet, leaving about two inches between piles.
Step 4
Bake Frico for about 10 minutes until golden. Remove from heat.
Step 5
Let cool for 30 seconds and pull off baking sheet. You can shape them into cups, tubes, or just leave them flat.
Step 6
To serve, put a spoonful of tuna on each Frico. Garnish with parsley or micro greens f you wish.

Rattos is pleased to  that we will be hosting a new initiative called Oakland Stock.

Monthly Micro-granting Sunday Dinner Series Funds Local Art

Announcing a new dinner series called Oakland Stock. Join us for the first micro-granting meal Sunday, February 10th 2013, hosted by local artist/chef (and Ratto’s window dresser and all around helper) Lexa Walsh.  This month Ratto’s lends its historic charm to this international Sunday Soup Series.

Here’s how it works: You pay $10 to enjoy a fantastic home cooked meal.  Up to 10 artists will pitch their projects while you dine. At the end of the meal you vote, the ballots are cast and counted—winner takes all!  Dinners and Winners will be posted on the Oakland Stock site and artists return the following month to present on their progress. Why? Because you have the power to decide what cultural work is important, and here’s a chance to share a meal, discuss artists’ projects, and elect or be a winner of the dinner’s proceeds.

When: Sunday, February 10, 6pm-9pm

Where: Here at Ratto’s Market & Deli

Menu: Soup, of course! Salad & bread will accompany the meal.

Chef + Host: Lexa Walsh

Who’s Invited: Soup lovers, artists and those interested in supporting them.

PLEASE RSVP by emailing oaklandstock@gmail.com

Support for Oakland Stock is provided by Southern Exposure’s Alternative Exposure Grant Program.


Wanna get your English on? Try this tangy, crunchy pickle. It is an excellent contrast to a rich, creamy blue cheese or cheddar. Perfect for a late night sandwich snack, to be washed down with a good beer, or as an accompaniment on a cheese platter.  Alternately, add it to a curry for a little shazam. Yum!

Ratto’s is open today, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, serving fresh sandwiches and house-made soup to our hungry patrons until 3:00 pm. Stop by for a sandwich to go (easy parking today!), or eat here with us.