June 2013

Today is the perfect day to hang out at Ratto’s for a great deli sandwich, a cold drink and some cool, breezy, warm & wonderful jazz featuring Mary D’Orazi on vocals, Greg German on drums, Dean Mench on bass, and Michael Hauser on keyboards. 12:30-3:00. Come on down!

Juicy stone fruits, bundles of herbs, colorful vegetables and legumes, and summer flowers are here every Friday. Have a breakfast wrap and take a stroll. We made a puree from last week’s favas, as well as a stone fruit pie!


Picnic weather! Grab a sandwich, cheeses, meats, crackers, chips, and drinks. Pack it up and enjoy this fabulous intro to summer with a visit to one of our gorgeous parks. We’re bringing along yesterday’s Farmer’s Market Peaches, too.

Alternately,  hang out with Oscar & taste a bunch of wonderful samples. Hide from the heat and settle in for some snacks & jazz piano with Mr. Michael Hauser.