Farmer’s Market Friday and Ratto’s

The Old Oakland Farmer’s Market is in full swing with late Summer’s bounty! Stone fruits abound,  there are squashes of many shapes and colors, and oh, those beautiful heirloom tomatoes…

After the market, stop by Ratto’s for some new, spectacular cheeses: Brebirousse, a silky, washed rind sheeps milk wonder from France, and  “Fat Bottom Girl,  a Sonoma County newcomer hand-made in small batches with milk from happy, pasture grazing sheep. We’ve also brought in a long-standing California favorite: Franklin’s Teleme. This is our favorite time of year to enjoy this cheese with toasted bread, a slice of a perfectly ripened tomato,  a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, a pinch of salt and some freshly-ground  black pepper. Top with a dollop of olive tapenade made from our pitted oil-cured olives with herbes de provence and swoon!!

We still have some great summer wine values available, including a delightful Picpoul de Pinet from France ($9.99), a lovely Spanish Tempranillo ($8.99).  Ask for our recommendations!


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