August 17, 2016

1. Get Your Card

A Ratto’s employee will give you a punch card with your sandwich purchase. The card will have one punch for each sandwich you purchased.

2. Register Your Card for Extra Benefits

Enter the web address on the back of your card into the address bar of your web browser to register. The address is of the form and is case-sensitive. This is the address of your personal Punch Card Page, which has a button you can use to register. When you register, you’ll need to enter the registration number printed on the back of your card, along with your name and email address. You can then bookmark your Punch Card Page in your phone’s browser and use that page as your Punch Card!

3. Get Punched

Getting your card punched is easy! Hand us your punch card or your phone with its web browser opened
to your Punch Card Page. We’ll scan it and you’ll receive a punch for each sandwich you purchase.

4. Share on Facebook

Share our Specials and Events from your Punch Card Page on Facebook and receive an extra punch!

5. Visit Often

Get your card punched on every visit! The customer who visits Ratto’s the most times in a month wins a FREE sandwich!

What if I forget my card?

You can get another card with your sandwich purchase. You can easily merge your cards together. Once you are registered and logged into your account; your register button will be replaced with a “merge card” button, which you can use to merge the punches from your two cards together.