Our lovely French wine merchant Francois is back from vacation and ready to pour everyone’s new favorite French wines at lunchtime today. Have a taste while awaiting your sandwich. Pick up a bottle or a few for Mother’s Day!


Missing Letters A2

Have you been wondering what has happened to our sign? After a visit above the door to the original Ratto’s sign, we realized it needed some love. It is now being artfully restored to its classic, original state by a local carpenter, and we will be testing colors shortly. Here’s the A for the paint test. They just don’t make fonts like they used to, eh?


Oscar is here with free tastings of Calabrese sheep’s milk cheese, local nitrate-free salami, olive oils, and Panettone. Easter- we can’t believe it’s coming, either. We’ve got Panettone on sale for $8.99. Come n Get it!

Panettone makes a great gift: it's a snack, dessert, or foundation for French Toast and Bread Pudding!
Panettone makes a great gift: it’s a snack, dessert, or foundation for French Toast and Bread Pudding!

Happy Valentines, Happy Happy Valentines!

Do you know how you will treat yours? We’ve got the bubbles, we’ve got the chocolates, we’ve got the cinnamon, ginger, vanilla beans, saffron, truffle oil… HELLO aphrodisiacs! Plus some hand made, heart-inspired laser crafted Valentine cards and  jewelry.

Get the necessities for a memorable aperitif, meal, and dessert… .

We love you, too!