Fennel Pollen has made its way into the culinary world because, well, it is a tasty burst of fennel flavor. It smells divine, too.

Fennel Pollen

We just made a triple fennel tart, adding it like a finishing salt. Many recommend using it for roast chicken. For more ideas, see

We’ve got it on the spice rack, next to the dried mushrooms. Just ask Elena if you need help finding it. We think it will be your new kitchen friend.

We’re so excited to support local artisan food makers. Come visit the table by the left register to discover local honey, sweets, mustard, granola, and jerky.

Local products Nuttyness

Oaktown Jerk

What would Giovanni think? We think he’d say si, si, tutto va bene!

Missing Letters A2

Have you been wondering what has happened to our sign? After a visit above the door to the original Ratto’s sign, we realized it needed some love. It is now being artfully restored to its classic, original state by a local carpenter, and we will be testing colors shortly. Here’s the A for the paint test. They just don’t make fonts like they used to, eh?


Oscar is here with free tastings of Calabrese sheep’s milk cheese, local nitrate-free salami, olive oils, and Panettone. Easter- we can’t believe it’s coming, either. We’ve got Panettone on sale for $8.99. Come n Get it!

Panettone makes a great gift: it's a snack, dessert, or foundation for French Toast and Bread Pudding!
Panettone makes a great gift: it’s a snack, dessert, or foundation for French Toast and Bread Pudding!