Our product shelves are lined with some gorgeous new products from Italy, Spain and beyond. Come in and set yourself up with some delicious provisions. Wines, cheeses, chocolate, chorizo, canned fish, condiments, spices, breads, jam, cookies, crackers, salt cod, pate, and so much more.

We are thrilled to try each and every one of these delights. Meanwhile, takes some home and try for yourselves.

Foglie d’Oliva Olive Leaves by Marella: Organic Hand-molded into a shape resembling an olive leaf, their beautiful green color comes from spinach. The green maintains a luminescent quality after cooking and has a delightful texture. *Organic Marella Pasta imported by Italian Harvest is a 2013 Silver sofi Award Winner for “Outstanding Product Line”
Oil-packed Tuna, Sicilian Capers, Whole Mediterranean Anchovies


Bergamot orange is a rare and coveted, fragrant fruit, grown almost exclusively in Reggio, a province in southern Calabria.This delicate jam is unlike anything you have ever tasted. Use the fig jams with Blue cheese for to perfect your cheese course.
Oils and vinegars
Ligurian Lemon Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Ratto’s Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Balsamico, and Spiced Red Wine Vinegar: Acetaia Ducale wine vinegars use grapes grown on the Casa Ducale d’Este family farm, in Veneto. The blend of cabernet sauvignon must and merlot is aged in oak barrels for true wine flavor. This variety is infused with peperoncino, which gives it unique spicy undertones, perfect for salads, meats, marinades, and vegetables. All natural, no artificial color, additives ,or preservatives.

Chocoate Olives


Pantry Staples

Weeknights sometimes beg for an quick and easy dinner solution. We’ve got our shelves stocked with 30-minute meal pantry staples like pasta, roasted peppers, anchovies, white beans, capers, grilled artichokes, and of course our famously fruity and delicious Extra Virgin olive oil.

Boil plenty of well-salted water in a pot with a dash of oil, pour yourself a drink, then improvise a few toppings while the pasta is cooking, perfectly al dente, of course. Toss in some fresh greens or some leftover chicken if you feel like it. By golly you can even get away without dirtying a knife or a pan with some of these toppings. Add a few scrapings of Parmesan and Voila: Dinner is served.

Free Tasting? We love those!

Come taste Kamut Elbows with Tomatoes and Capers with Renato Sardo of Baia Pasta. Baia Pasta is organic and artisan made right here in our beloved Oakland, and is a finalist of Martha Stewart’s “American Made”.

Come by around 11:30 and through lunchtime to have a taste!